2015: Blues to Blessings.

You were right the whole time. You were right to leave me. No I mean this positively. I needed to positively kicked in the behind to learn one thing. We’re not done yet and it’s not over. Now i understand why you couldn’t be with me either. I just wasn’t good enough. Not for me, not for you and certainly not for God. So thank you. I can’t keep living my life like I am about to die all the time. There is plenty more to see and do. I’ve got so much of my life ahead of me it’s unreal, and no I wasn’t lying. I am still going to change the world. So just hold on for me, I’m coming back quickly. Quicker than I thought I would. Thank you baby, thankyou for leaving me, it was the greatest gift you ever gave me.

I still love you. That’s not enough, but God is, so let’s not panic, we’ve got time and he’s on our side, so what’s the use on rushing things baby. What’s the use in conplaining baby. Let’s let him raise us up like Kings. Then we’ll know what to always be thankful for, because at some point we lost the reason we were even trying for and tha’s not good for me. That’s not a healthy way to end. But an end is only just a beginning of something else, so you were right, you get good and get with God, we’ll make a team, and I’ll get good and get with God too. Let’s make positivity the mantra, let’s make him the leader, and let’s make life an enjoyable experience, because if their is anything I know about life now, it’s that:

Nothing is for certain, and a long life is never a garuntee. But God is good always and if he’s got you, then he definitely has me.

So like I said before. Let’s get good. Let’s get healthy, let’s get praying. Let’s get bible bashing, and let’s love God whole heartedly in that way we can produce whatever he wants for us and whatever we want too.

Yeah, let’s get good, and let’s get God too.

God is love, Kwesi D



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