You know what I hate about this world?

People don’t love messy people.

The only thing you should ever need to learn from your messiness is that other people are messy as f… ahh forget about it.

I never do stuff for views. I don’t do anything for recognition but my good golly gosh boy, if I was to try and even lie about the way it makes me feel, not to be appreciated, by anyone.

This post trailed off, I let the thoughts go again.

I will say this about God’s love. It deals with the messiness quite well. Not in a hey you’re all good to go kind of way, but it’s more than that…wait…hold on, let me capture this…it’s more of a “Hey, (smile) I think you’re alright btw” kind of way. I don’t mind being broken if it saves someone else the embarrassment and let’s be honest with themselves too. It’s just hard to admit it often times.

What am I even saying lol… I don’t know I just think, hey, do your thing man, God loves you, you’re broken but you’re worth it, you’re messy, but you’re perfect.

Hahaha that was quite good wasn’t it 😂

God is love Kwesi D


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