‘I come alive in the night time’

Drake said that.

But seriously speaking,
I do.

I never used to,

But now I can appreciate the way the dark moves.

I like the way the carpet of the night falls over the sky so slowly,

It creeps up on me and the cold sets in like unwelcome guest.

Two or three different layers hugging my chest in the winter, and even in the summer it’s the same.

I guess, more recently I’ve come to admire creation in all of it’s many forms.

The night time doesn’t scare me,

The night life doesn’t move me,

The night lights keep me awake,

But I am never by my bedside when the night comes calling,

I’m always out patrolling the streets like a copper, but more like a golden lion,

looking for prey, I search earnestly.

I’m not looking for animals to eat,

But I’m hungry for an experience of feeling.

Everytime I come out here, I fall flatly in love with a new set of headlights,

everytime and vehicle passes me by.

It’s safe to say,

I come alive in the nightime.


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