Ultimately, survival is about waiting for the right time. We’ve not got much left, so here goes:

10, 9…

Move quickly. Move on quickly. Don’t let anyone keep you hung up on them, you deserve way more, you deserve better than a broken relationship and a broken heart. Loving yourself, will work it all out for you.

8, 7…

Do more. Do more. Do more. Do more writing, do more laughing, laughed enough? Laugh harder. Laugh at new things, laugh at old things, laugh like you’ve never laughed before. Laughter is a key ingredient to survival, becausd it keeps you breathing, it keeps you alive.

6, 5…

Smile more. Someone is waiting to see it. You may not value your smile, but an elderly lady on a park bench in winter who hasn’t seen her son in 3 months might. An elderly man who hasn’t been able to reach his daughter since she moved out of the city might. A young couple on the brink of destruction and seperation from eachother, might value your smile, more than their opposing opinions. Smile more, the sun wants to see it.

4, 3…

Relax…haha, that was fast huh? Slow down. Find your pace, RELAX. It’s not that serious, and if it is, it won’t kill you, unless it is and in which case, relax, you did your best in this lifetime, someone was grateful to have met you. Relax. You are loved by someone, valued, cherished and adored by everyone around you, they’ve just forgotton to tell you, or they don’t know it yet, relax, rest a little..

2, 1…

Remember this one thing before you go, YOU’RE AMAZING. Not because I’m telling you, but because you should already know. How can I be so sure? Honey/Darling/Brother/Bro, there’s this guy in the sky who made you, and he told me so. He told me you needed this letter one day so I wrote it for you and delivered it…



We’re out of time.

Hey I’d love to help, but I’ve got to rush off somewhere, good luck though.



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