‘The BIG Heart, Boss’

I walk into a shop. The dialogue starts as I point:

Kid: “I want that one…”

Shopkeeper: “Which one?”

Kid: “I want that one, that one there. The one I’m pointing at.”

Shopkeeper: “Which one, this one?” *Points at object*

Kid: “Yeah that one boss, I want the BIG heart boss. *Smiling* I’m feeling confident today boss, I swear today, I’ve got it.”.

Shopkeeper: “You want this one, are you sure about that?” (Looking troubled)

Kid: “Hey, come on man, why else would I come to your shop?”

Shopkeeper: “Are you sure little man, are you sure you’ve got the shoulders to keep it up? It’s a heavy load to carry back to wherever your going…”

Kid: “I know… (looking saddened) but you know what, I’m feeling confident today boss, I swear today…today is the day boss, I’ve got it. I want that one, I want the BIG heart boss.”

Shopkeeper: “This heart isn’t for the confident man. This one isn’t for the feint hearted kinda guys, it’s not for big guy’s or for the juiced guys, or the ‘let’s go back to yours and get loose’ guys. This for the wolves. This for the lions. This for the brave, are you brave sir?”

Kid: “Oh come on, just gimmie, I said I can take it, who cares if I can’t carry anymore? If I can’t then I’ll drag it. I told you already, I want it!! I want the BIG heart boss.”

Shopkeeper: “Ok, you can have it, but do me a favour…”

Kid: “What’s that boss?”

Shopkeeper: “When it get’s really heavy and you can’t carry it anymore, carry it for those who longer have one. Some people have given up on theirs and they leave them by the sidewalk. Don’t do, you have to hold it up high, even when it seems silly, you have told hold it for those who can’t have life the same way you do ok?”

Kid: *Smiling* “Ok boss, I got you. Don’t worry, I won’t worry, I won’t let you down, ok boss?!”

Shopkeeper: “Sure thing, *hands over heart* now here you go, and remember…”

Kid: “Yeah I know, hold it for the ones who can’t hold on no more.”

Shopkeeper: *nods* “Yeah, off you go kid, let the world see that thing, I think they might need it” *Smiles*

Love, Kwesi D.

(DISCLAIMER, I read this entire peom in a rubbish new york accent like Robery De Niro, you should too 🙂

God is love.


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