Only an extra

You know what, one thing I have come to realise is this:

You know, we have this belief right, that God is supposed to, or does somehow fit in into our world, like he is ‘the author’ but as the characters in this story of life individually, he doesn’t get the author credits, he just slots in as a supporting cast member to the lead, you, or I.

But I realised recently I don’t think it’s supposed to be, or is like that all, I think it’s the exact opposite. I’m reading this book right now called ‘Christ and the Media’ by Malcom Muggeridge, and one thing he has said in this book that has stuck with me, is that essentially God is in everything. Not like “Oh yeah of course God is in everything we do.” No, legitimately, like, his is all of creation. He is all that is created. I was puzzled when I read that qoute. I was genuinely dumfounded, because being a Christian for almost 5 years now (properly, not the “I promise I don’t swear, I’m a fxxking Christian) and being baptised most recently I have seen an intense shift in my spiritual life. Like, (Exscuse my common speak haha) I’m different gravy these days. I’ve found, I’m operating on an entirely different level. But, I have never, ever, ever…ever, once thought it to be that way. I know, the irony is real, that I didn’t think the God of all creation, was literally ALL OF CREATION.

I mean it’s crazy to me, unnatural. Unfathomable that he is in every we do and say, but even more absurdly, he is in everything around us.

Have you realised, that in all of this crazy world, filled with trees, animals, huge expanses of water and wondrous and colourful skies, we are the only thinf living, that speaks!?

How is that possible?

It has only just crossed my mind that recently I have only just realised in this world that is filled with order, we are the only thing, created, that is unorderly!

This is amazing to me.

The trees, they sway and sway and sway and the breeze rolls through them, occasionally they whistle, but they never speak.

The animals, they bark, they bite, they cry, they shout, they fight, they sing and occasionally they can communicate with us through complex sound techniques like a parrot can, but even they repeat, but they don’t speak.

The seas and the oceans, with all that is in them, and all that they carry, I mean the countless treasures that some of these underground swimming pools are containing, is absolutely amazing. And yet still, they don’t speak.

I mean, the sky. Talk to me about the sky for a minute please. He or she, or it or…I don’t know, but it tells us when to sleep and when to rise. When it’s probably best to stop working and when to go home and also when we should grab our sun hats and shorts and stay out all day. Even before it rains, the entire earth communicates to tell us that rain is coming, you know that smell, when the rain is about to fall, the moisture in the air reacts with the rocks and the spores and fungi on and in rock crevasses, create a smell that signals rainfall is immenent.

How is that possible?!!!!!!!

I don’t even think I understand it at all. Yet all at once, it’s so overwhelming. Now believe me, I’ve been a ‘Tree hugger’ or save the world before it dies type, but goodness gracious me, I have never understood the true depth of God’s power and will until now. It justs makes me think, if he can do all this, what else can he do…let alone for me.

It’s like the saying is true, with God, the possibilities, must be endless!

I guess I’m taking a stance to plead with God, to not play a bit part role anymore in my story, but that. he will will let me be even a two line part in his great plan.

I can’t lie, life is pretty crazy right now, I’m just asking God to blow my mind.

God is love, Kwesi D


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