Worship whenever

If today was the last day you got on earth to praise God, where would you go to praise him?

I guess we think we have to go to church to praise God. But I think God has been trying to tell me, or more so, show me that wherever there is room for it, we should make it possible to praise and worship God, righr where we are.

He loves worship singing but he also appreciates how he has placed in us, certain gifts and abilities that allow our soul to react to his glory and splendor and yeah, I just used splendor.

If you dance..dance

If you sing..sing

If you draw..draw

If you sign..sign

If you even have to howl…do what is necessary for you to give your praise over.

Every morning we have an ability to make a transaction with God. Whether we will give him our time and/or energy or whether we will expect him to pick it up throughout the day.

I’m not the greatest singing but I’m silly and I like to sing and dance and be free to express myself. I have fun with it. And while I am so lighthearted about talking and saying his praises out loud to the people of this world, when it comes to worship, I have no time for joking. But I never let go of the two.

Sometimes, poetry is enough to get me through the morning and sometimes, ‘it ain’t’ sometimes I’ve gotta do more, and if I only had only last single voice of chance to sing, I would do it right here, right now on my doorstep.

What I’m saying is, be honest, be real with it and God, but don’t let nothing…sorry proper english…anything get in the way of your worship and praise for Jesus. He deserves it and you deserve to give to him. After all it is a privilege we can in the first place.

In summary: worship until your heart is content and then some more and worship and praise him whenever, however and whichever way you feel inclined or like to. Ask him what he likes & loves about you and watch him blow your mind afterwards.

God is great & God is love, Kwesi D


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