We Are Royalty.

Proud to be part of a holy nation.
Redeemed.Reformed. Rescued and Renewed.

I serve a God out of choice, who continues to show me and teach me that love is the answer, but also that this world needs to change.

I am choosing to love first, not just to my friends and family, but to my ‘enemies’ too.

If I upset you or offend you, I apologise, I am not claiming to be perfect, in fact I never will, but I will always strive to be better than I once was.

This is the way of the world. This is the life of a young Christian male, living in a non Christian society.

This is the struggle for love in a world void of it.

This is the action, this is the call, this is  the challenge.

We are royalty, together we serve.

God is love, Kwesi D.


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