I must admit

And I must admit,

That I feel inclined to shine sometimes,

But I give it all up,

When I realise that Christ is alive

I’m ushered into a place of pride by my achievements,

But my achievements,

Could never achieve,

What his commitment,

Achieved for us.

You see,

I died, for no one,

Christ died for all of us,

I sacrificed for no one,

Christ, sacrificed for us.

And that’s enough.

To know the son of God,

Came down to find us,

Broken, busted and disgusting,

And didn’t even blush,

Went straight to the cross,

Unashamed and unembarrassed,

With dignity, integrity,

Humble as a small slice of pie,

And DIED!!!

For us…

Just in case one day we may choose to love him.

Now I don’t know about U,

But I do know about I,

And if I rearrange the alphabet and put us two together,

I know it’s still the same outcome.

It’d be an eternity, for our crimes,

But when we come together, in the name,

Christ – giving I,

Jesus – giving U,

Together, the power of his name,

Brings life.

Now.  That’s enough for me to die for.

That’s enough for me to say,

I would give him my life for, him to use.

Yes, Lord, like my favourite song,

You truly can have it all,

Because without you, Jesus

I have nothing,

And am worth nothing, at all.


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