My Silhouette

You couldn’t mark me.
Couldn’t place me,
Couldn’t understand me,
Or where I was coming from.

He says: “I’ve always been here,
Misconceptions of a perceived truth of me, that see, is so utterly untrue of me.
Your perception, was based on my deceptive nature.
One that wasn’t based on or built off of a necessity to lie,
But since It wasn’t necessarily the truth,
It was one.

I don’t know if it needs an explanation,
The indication is clear.
Not knowing yourself,
Or understanding who you are,
Would be a clear violation of your human rights.
It’s your God given,
Heaven’s amendmant,
To be free in the knowledge of your own strentgh and wealth.

But it’s a predicated upon a truth you haven’t discovered yet,
A truth you haven’t learnt,
A truth that should be admired,
Yes, it should be admired.
It’s because of him we’re wired right.

Not because of fast cars, or
Faster relationships.
Not because of good sex, or
profitable friendships.
It’s because whether you choose to or not,
His creation and all of it,
Will be glorified,
Under him.

I realised that,
So me and my silhouette,
Don’t have to fight anymore.
I am in him,
And he is in me.

God is love, Kwesi D


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