Craziest thing about relationships

The premise of this poem/piece, is that it was written about two years ago in the back of a grey Mercedes Benz. This Benz was owned by my brothers friends, girlfriend, who had offered to pick us up from somewhere. In the back, I witnessed this voiceless exchange and decided the inspiration was enough to give it a post of it’s own.

This one is from the Archives

☆    ☆    ☆    ☆    ☆    ☆    ☆    ☆    ☆

You know that the craziest thing about a relationship?

It’s the mistrust and deterioration of relations by a simple loss of communication between one man and his woman.

Or one woman who checks on her man because of suspicions of infidelity based on reasonable evidence and expectancy of her man.

I’m a fly on the wall but I see the gravity pull at her heart strings as her mind sings a new song.


She looks over as her partners silent tone begins to drown out the sounds of the car engine and she imagines as she looks at his phone:

‘He’s texting someone else. He’s probably cheating. He’s in love with someone else’

Yet she still continues to drive, silent while in the backdrop the drivechain hums and the world rushes past in a distorted assortment of natures percussion instruments SOUNDS.

In plain English. He texts, she expects. Lack of communication can communicate a thousand things and it still is the saddest part of relationships.


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