“So you say you’re a Christian yeah?”

So anyone who knows me, knows I talk a WHOLE lot. I love to talk, I talk mess and I talk rubbish a whole lot too, but I really really like talking and at the same time, don’t like to talk at all. Id rather keep myself to myself, but I feel like this is something I can’t really keep to myself.

Recently I’ve been feeling angry, for many different reasons. There’s been a lot of frustration and a lot of set backs. A lot of failure and a lot of injustice in my heart that still burns brightly. But all of it has been consumed by a bonfire of pure passion which I am learning with God to channel correctly. But for me, the thing that makes me the most angry is my relationship with God – stay with me.

It has made me so angry because it’s making me think things through and challenging me to see the world for the way it really is. It’s a mess right now and nobody is coming to save us. Worse than the world turning to rubbish, is the fact that there are so many people suffering and going through hell on earth, with nobody to turn to and nobody to fight for them.

I feel like this doesn’t make sense…………………………………….

Hold on a minute, give me two seconds to get this right…………..

“OK God, what to you want me to say to them?”

“Tell them how you feel.”

“Are you sure that’s going to work? I don’t think i have it all together though, it sounds dumb.”

“I didn’t make you dumb, I didn’t make you anything other than special. fearfully and wonderfully made in fact, so if it’s bad, do your worst, but let them hear your heart. Let them see how you feel. Whats the worst that can happen, they could start a cult because of you, but I reckon I and the Holy Spirit can halt that process, so no worries. Show up for me, and I’ll show up when your ready. Have fun with it. You’re amazing kid.”

*Shy smile.*

“Hahaha, Ok God, if you say so, here goes…”


we’re back on track.

I just wanted you to see that, so you see how mad my head is, but how understanding God can be. All my fears and concerns are in that one paragraph and every time I come to him, it’s the same answer.


I HATE when people try to argue with me about what Jesus, God & The Holy Spirit can and cannot do.


Can he heal sickness: Yes!

Can he save me from my abusive relationship: Yes!

Can he make my mum and dad get back together again: Yes!

Does God love me: Yes!

Can he save me: Yes!

Can he stop a war: Yes!

Why didn’t he do it then: You know what, honestly I don’t know, it’s his choice, if you ask him to say yes, no or maybe, wait, hold on whatever he wants. But can God do anything: Yes!

Can he do the impossible: Yes!

And if there is nobody in the world that believes this, then where are we Christians?!

Where are we?!

Why is it we say, “No man can do it?” when the bible clearly tells us in Mark 27:10 “But with God, nothing is impossible.”

He saved Meshach Shadrach and Abednego from a fire for flip sake!!

He legitimately split an entire sea In two! He SPLIT A SEA, INTO TWO PARTS. Are you hearing this?! You say it’s not possible, I’m with you, HOW?! How, If It’s true, I want to see it happen I want to be there when God’s doing it but I won’t let my faith die just because I haven’t seen it yet.

And here’s the point. “Where are all of my Christ centered Christians?” God is asking, “I don’t want you to smell like my son Jesus, I don’t want you to be Christ scented. That’s not enough. It’s not enough for the room, to smell like love was there, the room needs to be love. So when my lost children walk in, the walls greet them, the carpet lifts them up, the chairs or the sofas, stand to attention and they all cry and say Thank the Lord that a child of God is finally home!!”

“It’s not enough anymore, because a war is coming, and it is going to claim so many lives and so many hearts. They will all turn cold if they do not embrace the fire now. So my question to you is Kwesi, Where are my children?! where are my Christ centered Christians. Where are my Daniels, where are Davids, where are my Solomon’s where are my Esthers, where are my Ruths. I need my children in my kingdom right now to come out and start fighting because the war outside the house, it’s about to turn it’s attention to the front door and when it comes knocking, you will not be able to answer politely. There is a time coming where the authenticity of Christians will be so crucial to the survival of the Lord’s Kingdom on earth and people do not catch the fire and start rising up for my House now, Kwesi then they will be swept up life wheat and chaff. We can’t afford that.”

And so here we are again. and he’s the point again if you missed it the first time. There is suffering now, among our lost brothers and sisters. There is pain and anguish among our extended family RIGHT NOW. Who is going to rise up and lead.

These are all the questions I feel like asking because I feel like God is asking me. So embrace them:

Who is going to pray for there friend at school that is dealing with divorce in her home?

Who is going to speak words of truth and deliverance over the man of the street who just lost his job and may lose him home?

Who is going to welcome in through the church doors, the sinners. The ones that look ‘so ugly’ to us.

Who is going to embrace those that currently don’t know Jesus and really don’t want to?

Who is going to remember the grace that Jesus showed us, and speak to their work colleague with compassion and kindness, but also with purpose about the Love that God has for them?

Who will embrace their piercings, their unexpected pregnancy, their bad grades, their degree-less struggle, their redundancy, their smoking habit, their drug abuse, their alcohol abuse, their unwillingness to embrace love?

Who will embrace, the homeless, the fatherless, the motherless, the barren, the loveless, lifeless, the rough and the ugly ones. The badly beaten up on the inside prodigal sons and daughters of Christ. Who will feel the fire and lands hands for healing? who will preach the word? Who will cast out the evil in my name? Who will intercede in prayer for me?

If not my children who inhabit my house now, then who? If not my grace filled and grace covered sons and daughters now, if they will not rise up to my benefit for my honour, then who will fight for me?

Who will learn their word for rebuking and correction, but also for humility and understanding and grace? Who will take up their shield today? Who will lift up their sword which can cut both ways and wield it without fear? Who will don the armor and run headfirst into the enemy? Who will be brash and arrogant for me?

Who will stand firm, hands held, heads bowed, eyes focus on my spirit and throne and call on me to turn up and turn things around?

(Like this, this is what happens when we hold together and pray. The fire of the Lord is upon us!)











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