Evaluate the squad.

It is a well known ideology, that who you spend most of your time with, is who you end up becoming most likened to.

If you hang around with killers, chances are, even if you’re not born to kill, you may one day be tempted to do it, just to keep up or keep people happy.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, you’re going to have to prove yourself. You are going to have to prove something to someone.

You may have nothing to prove and that’s OK. But the people around you, will still make you drive that notion home.

For example, I am not a competitive player by any means. I love to do good, but I don’t like to compete against others. I have no desire to be better than anyone else. Maybe it’s because I’m not focused on survival. Or maybe it’s because I don’t need to survive around you or anyone else, If I am not liked or respected, in the end, I always find it better or my own and it’s not the best feeling, but it’s OK with me.

Personally, I am the lonesome type some of you will know what I mean. The lone-wolf, or the emphatic leader. I lead by example, and I follow by inspiration, but I never sit behind the pack for too long. I can’t, because I’m always looking at what’s ahead of me, never looking down too long for someone to catch me out.

With that being said, you have to re-evaluate what circle you’re in. Have you ever tried to spin a hula hoop on your waist that was too small? It’s a nightmare. You can’t get any momentum and the lack of breathing space means you end up just thrusting your waist around violently at risk of slipping a disk in your back or dislocating your hip like granny sue on bingo night. Ithh’s mad – R.S Reference.

With a bigger hula hoop, you have more freedom in the circle to isolate your body and the circle, in order for them to complete the separate actions, thus allowing you to master the glorious art of hula hooping.

With that basic analogy, what we have is a difference in environment. The hoop represents your circle, it’s who you are with most of the time. It’s not to suggest that you have clingy friends (small hoop), but rather that you are too close together. Too similar, unable to isolate yourself from the group, in order to gain momentum. Even sometimes, think for yourself.

Your group may have similar ideas, but it can’t have the same identity. The hoop can’t be too close to the waist.

You have to evaluate each member of your group (If you are in one) but moreover, evaluate yourself. If you are someone that cannot isolate themselves for a while, you’ll probably end up failing when they fail, and falling when they fall .

You have to have ideas and goals of your own. A plan that you want to achieve. The single biggest killer in social society in this day and age, is: Group Mentality. The inability to think for themselves, means they end up acting for each-other. They become one (Even in ignorance.)

You can’t live a life in a group that doesn’t suit you. You always have to look for a bigger – meaning better, with greater potential – hula hoop, or at least, a circle that provides more momentum for you personal character development.

Sometimes that might mean, being on your own for a while, until you can make the right connections. For some of us, it might mean being alone forever. (Usually meaning long periods of time; not always physically.)

Whatever the case, evaluate yourself first. Ask yourself REAL questions like:

Where do I want to go?

What do I want to be?

When I die, what will people say about me? (Those you love and care about.)

Most importantly: does my life have momentum?
Am I really moving in the right direction, for who I truly want to be and am?

For each and everyone of you, the answers will be different, but the outcome will hopefully be the same:


God is love, Kwesi D


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