In response to ‘Just Alyssa’

I read her post on why ‘pride doesn’t come before a fall’, and the truth is, I really feel it.

I mean, I agree with her wholeheartedly that feeling proud about what we have accomplished or, will accomplish, is never incorrect or should be downplayed, but I feel she has misconstrued the true nature of the saying.

To me, the phrase: ‘Pride comes before a fall.’, is less to do with preventing the feeling of feeling proud, and much to do with deterring prideful feelings.

You see, from my perspective, being proud is based on your retrospective joy and satisfaction of your accomplishment. It is the feeling of being content and appreciative of what you have been able to do.

Whilst, being prideful, is much to do with the feeling of over confidence. Running hand in hand with arrogance, it serves as a platform to boast and ‘stick ones chest out’ so to speak.

Feeling proud is about acknowledging your efforts and coming to terms with them. Feeling prideful is about displaying a clear over exaggeration of your ego.

To explain better, you can think of it like this:

Being proud is like being able to lift your head up and say “hey! No matter what happens, I did my best and I know it. Win or lose (She was discussing sport) I know I gave my all for this match up, and I am proud of myself for doing that.”

Being prideful is saying the opposite: “I gave what I could. I don’t know why I lost, I am much better than anyone else here and I know it! I am the best, this is just a set back, it means nothing. I don’t really care anyway, I don’t need this”.

Pride is about ‘I’. Proud is more ‘our’. Even if feeling proud is about an individual achievement, it seeks to uplift those around it never leaving anyone behind, whilst pride seems to uplift itself, in the place of others.

Pride will make you flaunt your medals. Feeling proud will make you remember what it took to win them in the first place.

Be careful, there is a clear distinction between being proud of what you achieved, and feeling proud about yourself or accomplishments. The former is accompanied by a huge dose of humility. The latter is accompanied by a large dose of distaste and lack of class.

Be careful when you win or lose that you do not exercise pride. But if you feel that you do, seek the humility and graciousness in the completion of the action, not the pleasure and accolades in yourself.

God is love, Kwesi D


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