I should definitely be asleep, but it’s days like these, at hours like this, when my brain is most active, and that sucks a lot, but it’s OK because I don’t mind.

All week I’ve wanted to quit my job down at the bowling alley, it’s a hassle sometimes, and I don’t like having my time wasted for the sake of having to make money just to survive, I’m hoping the day will come soon, when I have enough money to live, and also enough income to provide for my work too. It’s a far way away and it’s a dream I’m personally hoping to achieve, but with God, I think it’s doable.

Today, I’m thankful, because even though things aren’t OK, they are good. I feel like crap sometimes but I’m doing good all the time. I want to quit, but I still keep on winning. It’s an odd paradox but I’m starting to like it.

Today I’m thankful, not because I’m alive or healthy or have a family, no, today I am thankful and grateful for just being me and I want to live that everyday.

There might be something to this, but I will just say this, I’ve wanted to just be me for so long. Learning what ‘me’ is, is quite a challenge. It’s a scary one and it’s hard to do, but the risk is far more rewarding when done well.

So like I said, today I’m thankful for being me.

I want to personally thank God for this opportunity to be myself, it is a wonderful experience.

God is love, Kwesi D

P.s. How much would you pay, to be you each and everyday?

Why not start now, for free? 🙂


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