My greatest letter ever

I am about to vent, so brace yourself.

I want to make a statement of intent by acknowledging my own feelings openly. I hope not to isolate, offend or alienate anyone in doing this, but my own frustrations are causing me to harbour bitterness with certain people which is neither healthy or constructive.

I know, as the bible says, to check the plank of wood in my own eye before I go telling a brother about the speck in his eye, but I also feel compelled to speak up about the current status of our social ecosystem, in particular us ‘millennials’ (A term giving to mainly late 80’s & 90’s children grown up in the millennial era).

I want to say this, that I am extremely shocked by our lack our creativity and forward thinking. I feel disappointed by our lack of courage and willingness to accept all that is thrown in our faces – from political corruption, to social discrimination – without even questioning it or ourselves.

First of all I want to make this point:
Just because you do not openly reject someone’s belief or desires, that does not me that person is accepted. Take that how you want. I simply mean that we should quit this unwillingness to stand for our own beliefs because of fear. This goes for Christians and non Christians alike (Since I am a follower of Christ I speak from that main perspective). This means we have to encourage each other to defend what we believe despite how uncomfortable we might feel or how people will look at us.

Recently I have felt the full force of this since same sex marriage was legalised in America. But this is a sentiment that has been echoing in my mind since 2013. Let me say on record as the saying goes, that I have absolutely no issues with your sexual preference or desires. I do however find incredibly distasteful when I and many others feel fear for what we believe in. I work with two gay people, who I have problems with as co-workers from time to time, but far away from they’re sexual interests, more to do with their lack of respect for others and their inability to think about anyone other than themselves.

As much as we should accept each other, I do not agree with same sex marriage, no. I never have, and I never will. This is much to do with what my Father, God has written in the bible, yes, but moreover, because I believe that it is not representative of true acceptance for gay people. I feel this is another way for the government and other world leaders to pacify the gay community who again, I have no problem with.

Now in the position I am in, in today’s society, my beliefs are now ‘outdated’ according to many and have ‘no place in today’s ‘society’ but this will not stop me from believing what I believe because it’s not to do with you or what you feel, think or desire. It’s about God and God only.

I feel now I am in a position where, If I do not blindly accept all of societies false attempts at a second rate ‘equality’ system – which does more damage by forcing us into acceptance rather than loving into acceptance – I am the new devil.

If you are afraid to speak out or you conform to the status quo due to fear of social exile, then you should probably go to sleep for the next 15 years, because things are only going to get more and more extreme.

But I disagree and disagree strongly is an understatement. I will never be forced into acceptance of anything through fear or the threat of exile from society since this current society in and of itself is a joke in terms of equality and fairness for all.

So to echo my initial statement, I am disappointed by this lack of a voice. Especially on delicate matters such as these. Someone from our community in our generational bracket, needs to be telling to world around us, that we are here! Despite our differences, religious or non religious, we care not. We do care however, for the love and respect we should show each other and that goes as far as be open about what we agree and disagree with. That is fair. I could never hate anyone for being different or believing something I don’t, since even my own blood parents differ to me in many ideas and beliefs, they also don’t share my Ideas on many of life’s experiences since they are from a different generation. But our generation needs leaders, speakers, and more peacemakers.

This leads me to my next inter-textual destination.

Stop wasting time!

For the love of God if there is anything I am more sick of, it is my so called ‘friends’ who continuously sell themselves short of the destiny and greatness they can achieve if they just chose to fire themselves up a bit more. Now this again, is a sentiment that has been with me for years since I went through a radical transformation in my final teenage years. I got to the point where I was sick of myself and how I would treated others. Feeling worthless,  I myself turned to God and many ‘Self help’ videos to encourage a new nature from within myself. It worked…

*Disclaimer* God my not be for you, don’t be fooled into thinking I prayed and everything change overnight. This was a long, hard, drawn out process of re-wiring my brain and genetic make-up. My go to excuses of ‘I can’t’ had to die along with my lazy attitude and lack of ambition.

So this is where I fall on this issue now. The same me that was in a sense, reborn, exists only today, because I chose to take a stand for who I was and who I wanted to be.

As I see now, too many people in my generation, are too easily recognisable as my old self. That does damage to me. Internally I suffer from it. You may believe that one may should take the risk and lead on his own then others will follow by example. But we as a generation are not even doing that! We are lazy and boring. We have given into the lies and deception even our own parents convinced us were truth. We bought the dreams too: We believe “I’ll just go to uni, get a job and then get a house. After that I’ll have a family and it will all work out hopefully.”

Nonsense! What dream is that? And what kind of reality is that too? Why do we not see the gift in dreaming big? Why do we settle for being mediocre and just the same as everyone else.
We continue to follow in the misguided footsteps of our peers. Refusing to listen to the adults that suffered before us by giving up their dream.

Might I remind you, this world is not theirs, it is ours!

We have the power to define our own culture, how our society operates and not through fear of social judgement, but through the eyes of love and correction and encouragement. Pushing one another to be the best that we can possibly be, day in day out. All day everyday, just as Jesus teaches in the bible.

Again if you not religious, well I am sorry you cannot overlook your own ideals to acknowledge the message I am bringing here.

This world needs reform. It needs change, but it requires individuals who don’t follow, more of them at least. It needs some renegades, some kings, some queens and some servants. It needs a whole new re-structuring of our mental landscape.

It requires you to stop thinking so small and wasting your time trying to fit in. Or wasting even more time by procrastinating on your own projects and goals. It means having a desire to do what is right and helps others before yourself. It means sacrifice.

Less partying, more studying. Less mindless damage control on our emotions and more loving communities where we can share and be vulnerable with each other about all the ways we’ve been scarred and fail each day. It means real honesty. Not honesty that serves one, but serves all. It means honesty even when it hurts. It means deciding to be better and helping others to be better.

I suffer, I am held back because sometimes when I fall short, those around me are not in the current mind frame to support me. This is not an excuse, in fact I have now decided to live in the wilderness, rather than to live in the city, preventing myself from growing out of it.

But it takes hard work and perseverance. It means times management and focus on our selves daily. Taking time to revisit past pains and experiences and figuring out why we do what what we do, and how we can change that.

It’s a tough job, but someone has got to go it and that’s the task we all face in this generation. So let’s quit being lazy and live this life properly. Not from a place of fear, but from love and positive, forward thinking.

Ask yourself each morning, how can I make someone else’s’ life better today?

And we can go from there.

God is love, Kwesi D


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