We are just a product of time

Time is blasphemous. It claims to be our god; that we are slaves to it, watching it constantly slip through our hands and fingers, powerless to stop it.

I decided on two ideas this morning.
Firstly: choose carefully who you spend your time with.

Stop wasting your own time, and that of others. If you have not prepared yourself to face good and bad with a person, do not get to know them. Their own life exists in a time frame that is dissimilar to yours, but, one that does run parallel. Once you begin to see, hear and speak to this person often, your time-frames shift and merge into one, causing you to experience life ‘with them’ on share time line. While your perceptions will be different, for a while you will experience things as a unit. This can be dangerous. Experiencing life like this will record things in your mind and on your spirit that you may never be able to rub off. Good and bad memories will stay, some of which you may not choose to remember but will stick with you against your will.

Again, choose carefully who you spend your time wit.

Secondly, I would ask of all of you, to focus on your time more wisely, being more critical of how it is spent. Especially speaking in the nature of travel and leisure. We all have a commute, whether for work or for play. Have you noticed how easily sound becomes a backdrop to your day? Have you seen how easily blues, greens, yellows, purples etc fade into, white black and grey? You probably didn’t notice until I mentioned it. If you have it’s because you too, are aware of how easily we go, day by day ignoring the artwork created by God for our human pleasure and indulgence.


The birds really do sing in the morning, and it’s more than amazing, it’s scarily beautiful and also oddly comforting to know each morning they are still there. What would you do if you woke up and never heard a bird sing again? Or never heard the wind rustle in the trees?

What if you woke up everyday just hearing tires screeching and engines roaring?

What would you feel, if every building was emptied and became lifeless?

Why then do we take for granted the time and effort God put into creating other living things? Why do we allow ourselves to become ignorant of it, excusing ourselves by saying “I have places to go and stuff to do”?

It’s in us too. In a world that has been disassembled and put back together with bricks and cement, it is easy to lose touch with nature. One that is a free gift of excruciatingly amazing proportion and reverence.

The routine of our day can make us forget time and nature all together. But where ‘wonder is, wonder lies.’

I implore you as ever. Step out of your car. Step away from your buildings. Move from your music and flee from your pass-times whether it is TV or games or self indulgent activities. Take a step back and remember what lives and exists around us.

You may just find exactly what your day was missing.

God is love, Kwesi D

If any of my words have confused you, please Google them.


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