Day one – Pre-rocket prep.

So today is the post day (Not mail post) after my most successful radio show broadcast yet. I am feeling wonderful, although bed ridden briefly with a crazy stomach ache from the over consumption of popcorn, I am feeling good. The sun is shining, skies are blue.


I am going to be critical of one thing; that is support. I’m calling this day one – Pre-rocket building because i am in a mental space where dream building is fast becoming #RealityBuilding as my new friend suggested to me. As i was suggesting in my post from two days ago, it is hard to find supportive people in this day and age. Often our parents, parents were not supportive of their dreams as the world was a lot stricter and people were built up on traditions and expectations. In this new age of technological gismos and wonders, human beings are less likely to be held down to one career choice, let alone be crammed into one box. I will admit for majority of no European families that traveled to European countries or the ‘Americas’ dreaming would seem a little harder from my perspective. Children of the 60’s & 70’s were seemingly raised with the mindset to build a life outside of their hometown area, which is hard enough, dampening their ability to dream bigger than the nuclear family style of live. (2 parents, 2 kids, home, job, car, pet.)

I am inclined to believe this doesn’t apply to our generation. That generation of the late 80’s through up to the mid 90’s. We have it put plainly in front of us, that the world is our oyster so we should act and think like it. The hardest thing to do, however, is to dream, when nobody else is dreaming.

Have you ever felt the urge to push for something you wanted, and have someone tell you: “Well it’s a good idea but you might want to try something safer..”? Or those kinds of people who have had their dream capabilities sucked away from the mundane circuit of life, who say: “Hey, it’s good to dream, but at some point you have to wake up and realise this is the real world. Just get you’re education, work hard, find a nice job, find a good partner and just settle down…that’s life”.

I used to hate those people. Until I entered my second year of university and decided maybe settling down and thinking smaller is not so bad. With no disrespect to my girlfriend at the time, I was happy, I was comfortable, I dreamed of a nice normal life with her and a comfortable job working 9-5…it’s not that bad is it?

But then I remembered something, that’s not even me! That’s not who i am, it’s not the way i am built. My entire family – I apologise if I sound hyper critical – is built up of people who could have been so much more. We literally have art, creativity, entrepreneurship running through our veins. You can feel it in every corner of every house I’ve ever been too. There is artwork on the walls, business plans in drawers, books under speakers, books stored on computers, but never in the hands of those who would appreciate it. That saddens me but above all motivates me.

I feel like i lost myself…let me recalibrate. It’s support that does that too you. Often in our lives i believe we lack that motivation from ourselves and from people around us. We feel dragged down and stuck up by bills, (I don’t know too much about it but it’s the cliche) responsibilities and we stop building our rockets. The blueprints just stay in back, in the back of our minds and at the bottom of our hearts, we just…give up.

The inspirational for all of this is because as i said before, had one of my most successful radio broadcasts in my opinion over on DemonFM 107.5

(Every Monday @ 10PM – or tune into the show via the TuneIn app found in any smartphone app store. Forgive me for the promotion.)

So successful it motivated me, but what threatened to de-motivate me, was the fact that I asked my closest friend to listen…he didn’t, I ask my brother to listen…he didn’t and i asked two friends who are always supportive when we discuss it but when it came to the crunch…couldn’t tune in. No hard feelings..seriously none.

But this was a good eye opener for me. In all honesty I still recognise these people are close assets in my life, that in my immaturity would have been a different case, but when i talk about support this is what i mean.

It is very easy to be de-motivated and derailed by a lacked of support from friends and family. Even when your dreams don’t seem to move the way you thought, you almost expect them to understand, and in most cases, they don’t.

So why i decided from yesterday after speaking with a new found friend, of which I met only a few days ago after prayers God answered (😅), is that if you want to fly that flag, or make that trip to the moon and back again, you can’t hinge it on support. You have to train yourself to believe you may never get support. 0 expectations of people, usually brings out 100% joy in unexpected results.

You have a rocket to build and a dream to make reality, in this day and age, and in life in general, we can not wait for the affirmation or support of our friends, family or the world. We must be what we strive to be on our own. By ourselves, for ourselves.

There is a saying in the bible somewhere i think (hahaha) that says: ‘The prophet is not respected in his home town’. So do yourself a favour, wait for those around you now to validate you, validate yourself. And if you can and would like too, let God validate you. God says regardless of what we are, or what we do, he loves us and is always willing to provide the absolute best for us…I mean what kind of father would he be if he wasn’t right?

So live sharp. Stay focused. Pursue you’re dream and let the see you’re beautiful as labrinth says (Corny, but I’m sticking with it.)

Be blessed,

God is love,  Kwesi D

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