The aftermath

I feel good. I’m in a good head space. I am in a good bubble right now, though i know bubble’s burst i am content to just float right now for the time being.

I thought about doing a daily blog…
Seems like a good idea. I mean it’s like therapy for me and it opens us an avenue for others who struggle on a day to day basis. I am inspired by this idea which God gave me, it seems like these days he’s asking me to be more and more fearless, to chase my fears away. That in itself is scary (ha ha) i don’t really know why or how he expects me to stand but i am assuming for myself that from the scriptures he has shown me in the past few weeks, and the words he has bad people say to me, that regardless of where i go or what i say he will prop me up a bit.

So I’ve decided from now on not to polish these blog posts. I can’t polish them anymore…because nobody in this world is polished and we are living in an increasingly unpolished society that is fast becoming selfish instead of selfless and scared of persecution instead of bravery in the face of adversary.

Yeah me and God are not the best of friends right now, because he keeps asking me to be brave and trust that things will be OK. I don’t really like either idea, and i keep thinking why me? But as many times as i have asked that question, i have been met with a swift example of how more men like me are needed. Not because or am special or ‘chosen’ but because more of us young men need more time to work ourselves out. We’re under pressure from anyone and everyone who can and will add pressure to our already troubling teenage and adolescent years. Some of us want to be boys, we have fears we can’t talk about and we have secrets we can’t run from, we are also in a lot of pain from the peers we keep and the girls we chase. We all want to grow as men i believe that wholeheartedly but in a generation that is led by blind by other blind sheep,  we’re not achieving our potential that God set before us. That goes for all men of all kind. Tall, small, thin, fat, blue, black, straight, gay. I don’t care what you are. Just know that if we don’t rebuild this world’s foundations on love and acceptance  (OF ALL DIFFERENCES) we will fall prey to the evil in this world.

So i guess I’m saying I’m going to try to empty myself in front of you, anyone who needs it, so you can see exactly what I’m made of. So you know that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done and what you will do,  God still loves you and yes, you can still be a man if you face up to the responsibility and accountability it requires.

This one is for the men, but a lot of what i will write will be applicable to all shades and facets of human kind.

Please don’t let my mentioning of God scare you either. It only means i am powerful enough to provide the best for those who are willing to improve themselves.

Don’t be afraid to change, and if you are, it’s ok to be too.

God is love,  Kwesi Darkwa Ampadu

If you want to know more about where i get my strength from please contact me:


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