G.O.A.T (The Greatest Of All Time.)

The greatest people in history, didn’t just have ideas.
The greatest people in history didn’t just have followers.
The greatest people in history didn’t just have a plan…
They created one, not based on anything but others around them. For a cause.

Their followers weren’t confined to the realities of the word, they were believers. They understood and then followed.
Their ideas were not just written on a white board or scribbled on a page, they were intrinsically infused in their very being.
Their ideas became them, they were their ideas.
The greatest people in history aren’t who they are just because of what they said or did, but because they embodied what they did and they lived what they said.
To be a champion like me, even in the making; to be considered one of the Greatest, you have to be what you believe in, so people can believe in you.

I am not a champion because i pretend to be, but because I fight daily against what threatens to hold me back. Some days i overcome and some days i don’t but i never stop trying to stand even when my legs are weak.

People will laugh and jibe and say: “look i told you he couldn’t do it, he’s a fraud
He’s failing. He’s going down already”.
That doubt, you have to rub out and give yourself a reason to keep fighting and keep going forward.

That’s when you win.

That’s when you become: The Greatest Of All Time.

All that has happened to me…I’m still breathing.

God is Love. Kwesi Darkwa Ampadu.

To acknowledge those who help you to stand when you fall and wipe your eyes when you can’t stem the flow of your tears, is to acknowledge those who make you great too.

Thankyou to the most high and God almighty.
To my Parents & Siblings for that immovable strength.
To my friends and peers for those words of encouragement in times of need.
And to you. For Sharing with me a love that i can never replace.
I love you all.


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