No, don’t! it’s a scam!!

OK, so visualise this, I’m a salesman, a very, very handsome one (Fairly accurate), and I have a product that looks like it could be an interesting buy. You’ve known me for quite a while. In fact, we’ve had a fair bit of contact ourselves, you’ve grown fond of me recently and you’ve allowed yourself to buy into the allure and mystery that surrounds my character.

Now you’re acting like a real apple consumer, you love everything I produce and you’re my biggest fan. You defend me on every occasion, even when your best friend tells you, that they have been scammed by me in the past, you still continue to follow me and my supposed benefits.

It’s now a few months later, I’m beginning to feel unfulfilled. I feel like I want more and can have more, you’ve never failed to tell me that I can have everything.

This is where it gets interesting.

You see this is my problem, you’re hooked and frankly I don’t want you around anymore, BUT you’re not done with me. You want to hang on to every last fibre of me and “what we have”.

If you have been keeping up then well done, it’s about to get REAL.

I want to ask you a question in fact; I want to ask you a few…

Do you trust me? Do you think I still love you? Do you love me, scratch that last one I know the answer. Last question, Can I own you? 🙂

Wooooaaaaah!!! *Big Sean skkkrrrrrrrr*

You’re thinking, what in world?! So NO is your answer then I’m assuming?

So let’s go back a few steps. Now visualise THIS: I’m your boyfriend, I have been for a year or maybe less. Your friends have become distant, you’ve become different they say, you’d choose him over us they’re saying. In some cases, your friends are Waitrose’s finest plums and they really are just being selfish.

BUT, in your case they care. You really have changed and it’s all because you let me own you. You don’t remember saying yes to the question before? You didn’t need to, when you decided that your friends no longer existed, your school work could wait and your parents were Nazi’s for not letting you see me, you gave me control.

PAUSE ll Rewind << and press play >

I’m not really your boyfriend (Though being this handsome, I can imagine your loss haha) i bet you’re happy. Well I’m now your caring friend. Since you won’t listen to me, at least remember this:

Your boyfriend or girlfriend is not the world, there will be others, your family and friends still do exist and you need to remember this. For the people who are chasing love, forget it! The saying goes the harder you try to find love, the easier it will be to evade you.

DO NOT place your happiness in someone Else’s hands.

DO NOT buy what they are selling; NO you CAN live without them.

DO NOT tell yourself that the person you like or are with, is the only reason you’re happy.

Don’t buy into “I love them and need them” It’s a scam!


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