“Love and other drugs”

It is valentines day tomorrow, technically today because I’m posting late but. I thought I’d just say a quick word on a concept that eludes a lot of us.

Obviously being young and naive we believe as a collective unit that we know what “LOVE” is and in most cases think we have found “LOVE”. I myself on more than one occasion have said I have “LOVED” someone when in fact when I think about it, that was far from the truth.

The reason why I am air quoting “LOVE” is because I think it is a term that is used far to loosely. I mean it doesn’t bug me that little kids say “I’m in love” like I said before were all guilty of that but, what bugs me is that people don’t understand the weight of that word.

I’m not going to be a hypocrite I know myself I thought I knew what “LOVE” was but I didn’t. I didn’t even know that there was a difference between “being in love” and just simply loving something.

I think as young adults/adolescents we should understand one thing…”LOVE” is not something we will know until we are grown. People will argue against that statement but it is true. As far as being in love with another person that is something we cannot experience until we are grown and fully matured. Being in love is a state of mind between two people who are willing to give each other every inch of them and more. I’m not talking kids business I’m talking serious business. I think being in love is more a case of wanting to love that person or thing that you love with your heart and the whole of your heart, pure. You want to devote every waking moment towards that person or thing. I think it’s like not being able to sleep at night unless you have made sure that thing or person is safe and it or they know you love them with every fibre in your body.

I don’t think as a young adult we can truly access that sort of emotion. Yes I agree you and your boyfriend do everything together, finish each others sentences and feed each other food over a candle lit dinner but let me ask you this, If your boyfriend or girlfriend fell out of the car at a high speed broke every bone in there body and had to spend 10 years in a full body cast until it healed would you be there every second of those 10 years? Could you honestly say that you would do all in your power to be with them without complaint. Could you honestly say that if they needed there heart transplanted, you’d tell the doctor that it can’t be anybody but you?
YOU CAN’T. You will never be able to do a thing like that until you have actually found LOVE and I think that’s the definitive factor. Life or death for love.

Anyway it’s valentines day so enjoy it, if your single no big you’ve got years ahead. If you keep dating the wrong people, take your time and wait, pay attention to the people that pay attention to you and not just on their birthday haha! If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend tell them you hope one day you fall in love with them.

Oh yeah and stay away from drugs and alcohol it’ll kill you!

GOD is love, Kwesi D signed out.


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