Come on…

I am truly, truly baffled by this drinking culture. I have heard adults claim that they believe as a generation on a whole, we kids take drinking to a whole new level. I never believed that, I always thought it was one of those things that have been replicated throughout generations and that our generation has been picked on for it but, I was wrong.

Firstly let me just say that, whilst I don’t drink I can see why some people do drink, I understand this: you want to have fun, so you loosen up with some alcohol…FINE. I’ll even condone that I mean, I don’t necessarily think that should be a reason for you to get smashed but I mean, swimming in the waves a little is alright. I can’t understand this madness though, the idea of drinking without limits. Go on, lie to yourself; you know your limits and only sometimes you go passed it. That’s booty juice, you know that’s bull. If that’s true then why do you always seem to have a hangover? Why do you only remember parts of the night from before? Why do you make up excuses for your behaviour?

I don’t like to feel like I’m putting anybody down but I don’t give a flying monkey’s, honestly I think it’s disgusting, NO I am not judging you! (That’s aimed at the people who always play the victim – shhh) I just think your behaviour is outrageous. If you’re going out to get a little waved/tipsy to have more fun fine but if you’re always that guy or girl who’s looking like a sloth, eyes half shut, pointing and slurring your words before you puke on your favourite shoes, shame on you. It’s crazy to me, I don’t understand how this became our culture either. How has teen drinking got so out of control that 95% of people I know, have concluded they cannot have a good time without having a drink in their hand? it’s at a point where, if you don’t drink you might not even get an invite to a “gathering” or birthday party when my mum knows your mum *Squints* yeah you.  It’s exactly what I’m depicting to you readers too, think back yourself to the last party you went to: You didn’t go that whole night without an alcoholic drink did you? If you did it’s because you decided after the last time you were sick on your top, you were “Not drinking ever again” pshhh

Listen if you plan on drinking at least be civilised. It shouldn’t be a situation where your ideology is that you can’t have fun without drinking and I mean drinking till your stumbling, stuttering, kissing ugly girls/boys (Some of you will put your lips anywhere with a bit of alcohol!!!) God bless him, a dear friend of mine (Not naming names) told me that in a recent drinking escapade he managed to end up a victim of a 45+ year old (Don’t know the exact age) woman who obviously admired his boyish looks. Come on, that story did and still does make me laugh but you really have to question your motives for drinking when that sort of incident occurs. I’m just trying to paint a picture of how quickly it can escalate when you think you know your limits but you don’t, on top of that, how badly this new culture has go on out of hand. If you are in fact that guy that is sleeping pre-maturely with dribble down your chin on the side of the street then re-evaluate your life – Please.

I’m not trying to upset you alcohol dependant people, I know you’ll be angry that I made you sound as dumb as you act but the reality is, it’s a problem, how can you decide to go drinking; lightly so you enjoy yourself, then you end up in a London hospital having your stomach pumped, leading to your mum being called to pick you up from 50+ miles away haha, MADNESS. (True story)

Drink responsibly, and if you can, challenge yourself to have fun without polluting your body. If your dumb enough to drink and drive, be ashamed.

GOD is love, Kwesi D


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