The BodyCount..

You know what? Some people might say I have no business talking about women because I am not a female and being an ‘immature young boy’ I know nothing… That’s poop.

Not much of an introduction but oh well.
Female self-empowerment YAY! Sounds like a boring topic – no I’m not a feminist – in fact it’s the opposite, not to say I hate women and believe women know nothing, NOT AT ALL. I’ll say this; from experience I know the majority of females (UK/USA) aged between 13 and 23 believe themselves to be mature individuals, right ladies? Contrary to how mature you think you are I think one concept you are failing to grasp is the BODYCOUNT Concept. (Copyright that…#BodyCount)

For those that are unfamiliar with the term “BodyCount” allow me to explain. In layman’s terms the “BodyCount” is the hypothetical tally for the number of people a male or female (Focusing on females) has slept with.

I have a serious problem with the young ladies that openly have sex with many different partners with no remorse. Yes we are young and we should enjoy life but does that mean we should throw away all self-respect? I believe the answer is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! You may be that girl that says to herself ” well I don’t put myself about I’ve slept with three people but I was in a relationship for two of them!” I love you. You with that kind of mentality, I love you. How little respect you must have for yourself to let three sausages enter you for “Pleasure” when in reality he pleasured you for five minutes, shot his load and left you wanting more… *6 months is not a relationship*

This post is not about bashing females though; the title is self-empowerment for a reason.

This is mainly because I am sick of hearing petty girls wining about not being able to “find a man” for themselves.

As a female you should understand that if you have respect for yourself and your box/vagina/lady goods you will never have a problem with finding a man ever again. It’s sad when I see a girl – fresh from a relationship, with a BodyCount of just one – who decides she has been with one boy for so long she just wants multiple entries into her lady garden, FOR WHAT? Your body count will follow you for as long as you live.

You CAN lie but when he finds out that you had sex with four guys instead of the two that you insisted it was (Personal Experience!) He will feel betrayed and leave you sobbing to yourself, while your best friend lies to you about not being good enough for you. OH PLEASE. You can’t find any good loyal guys because you don’t respect yourself.

Some of you treat your lady cookie like I treat my hair, new haircut when I feel like it, washed every two days, I let people I like touch it then complain they’ve messed me about when they say they only want to feel it but use their hand as a rake on my head!

I’m just saying some of you have not even reached eighteen – when you supposedly become an adult – and your BodyCount is on +2. Honestly if you had your way some of your Body Counts’ would beyond +5, RIDICULOUS.

Besides the bashing of immature females the real message is that you’d be surprised how many more guys want your attention when you, a beautiful girl, has a body count below 3 when your 21. This silly LAD culture has messed with your heads; guys don’t like girls who get about. I know males do it to but if you are an intelligent female you understand that, females are persecuted in this world for things guys do on a daily basis GET OVER IT!

Love and respect yourself so a man can do the same.

GOD is love, Kwesi D



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